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May 2019

Udemy Free Courses

Udemy Free Courses One year ago I needed to learn excel due to a task I was given at work.  I was watching youtube videos and one of them mentioned "Udemy". This was not a company I was familiar with at all so I started researching.  I signed up for a login and discovered so many classes and topics to choose from. Topics The categories are too many to list but I will list a few:   Business, IT,[...]

Wedding Hair

Wedding Hair In 2015 I was planning my wedding.  It was going to be in Vegas and we had some amazing friends that were going to attend. I had no issue finding a dress but had no idea what to do with my long hair. Half UpDo This is my second marriage and I am in my 50s.  I did not look good with all my hair pulled back and in a bun but on the right person that is so elegant.  With inspiration from[...]

Hollow Eyes

My Journey with Hollow Eyes and Dark Circles A few years ago my mom started telling me I looked tired and needed to get more sleep.  To this day it does not matter how much sleep I get I still look tired. I am now at a point where I have to accept that this is due to aging. There are no Miracle Products for Hollow Eyes There are no miracle products for hollow eyes.  You might have them due to gene[...]

Lipstick that Stays on After Eating

Lipstick that Stays on After Eating, Drinking or Kissing I love a lipstick that stays on after eating, drinking or kissing. These days I think it is easier to find some great choices. Even if I do not get dressed and leave my house I apply my lipstick.  It makes me feel better and cheers me up. You can blame my 86 year old mom for this. She always wore her lipstick for as long as I can remember until[...]

Self Tan Tips

Self Tan Tips I have found a self-tanner that I love. Being a teenager in the 70s meant there were just a few self-tanners to choose from and they were not pretty. We are so lucky to have some great options. Prep your Skin The first thing I do is the night before I want to apply the tanner I exfoliate my skin. The next day I apply a moisturizer that is not too oily to elbows, hands, knees and feet.[...]