3 DIY Spring Wreaths that are so Easy

3 DIY Spring Wreaths made Products from the Dollar Tree

I am writing to share 3 very simple wreaths I made with Products from the Dollar Tree. Crafting has become therapy for me.

Spring Wreaths with Dollar Tree Products

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Two Burned fingers from the Glue Gun

As I hit the keys on my keyboard I am reminded of how hot that crazy glue gun was.  I screamed out once and it scared my sweet little momma to death. I have no idea what I am doing but for some reason, I have been lead to do this. It eases my troubled mind but not so great for my fingers.

4 Ribbon Wreath was Created by watching the below video.

This is my favorite wreath and I have used this method since Christmas.  For my Easter wreath, I found some Spring/Easter Ribbon at the dollar tree. It took me 12 of the 3-yard ribbons to make this.



The other two wreaths involved ribbon, small wreaths, and a glue gun.