Bear Lake Utah

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First Time Plane Experience

I was 46 years and by myself the first time I boarded a plane. This was the fall of 2008. Nervous and excited I drove to the Asheville, NC airport. Asheville, NC was a piece of cake but when I got to Atlanta it was a little crazy and intimidating. I managed to find my connection which would take me to Salt Lake City, Utah. The flight was right at 3 hours. I felt like it was longer and I tried to read, watch a movie but sleep was not an option nor have I ever been able to sleep on a plane to this day. I just cannot get comfortable enough to fall asleep and I have certainly tried.

Salt Lake City to Jackson Hole

When I landed in Salt Lake I met up with a new friend who wanted to take me to Yellowstone. The first day of our drive would be around 5 hours with our destination for this leg Jackson, Wyoming. The route we took was scenic it was Highway 89 to Bear Lake via Logan canyon. Logan is where the Tommy Lee Jones movie “Executioners Song” was filmed.  I settled in for the drive in a Suburban that had the most comfortable large seats I had ever sat in. This vehicle was made for road trips and I loved it.


Bear Lake Utah

The first time I caught a glimpse of Bear Lake I was in awe.  The water is the most beautiful turquoise color I have ever seen.  Bear Lake is 123 miles from Salt Lake City.  It is on the Utah/ Idaho border.  It is a natural freshwater lake that gets this unique color due to the reflection of limestone deposits suspended in the lake. Bear Lake is often called the Caribbean of the Rockies but I had never heard of it or seen photos so I found the color incredible.  Bear Lake was so unbelievably beautiful and the first road trip I had taken with my new friend who is now my husband it is so special to me.