Beauty By Anne-Marie -my favorite go to on YouTube

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Beauty Go-To on YouTube

I am not sure how long I have been watching YouTube.  I think it might have started a few years ago when a coworker showed me screaming goats and pranks of scary snowmen.  There is something for everyone there. I am even guilty of playing relaxing cat music for our cat who went thru a traumatic experience with an eye infection.

While searching for “best foundations for mature skin” I happened upon “Beauty By Anne-Marie.”  Meeting her via youtube was the same feeling I get when I  walk into the ” Ann Taylor Loft” store. Have you ever said to yourself “I am home!”  Anne-Marie gave me that same cozy relaxed feeling. If I needed a new foundation or anti-aging product I would go to her channel on Youtube. She does great reviews, she is honest and to the point. She tells you where you can find the best price on the items.



Honest Influencer with Tips and Product Reviews

Her channel is all about helping others look and feel their best about themselves, which leads to self-confidence. She promotes anti-aging without botox, fillers or cosmetic surgery.  She is not against these things she does not personally need them at this point.

I had often wondered how she got started doing these videos. One night after a glass of wine I decided to email her.  I wanted to know if I could write about her on my blog. By the next morning, she had responded. She was so kind. She was flattered. I sent her a few questions which she answered.

Anne-Marie got started on youtube 6 years ago when she was 45 years old. She had been watch anti-aging videos for a good year before making her own videos.  She felt l she had some tips to offer others that might be helpful.  Prior to that, she had worked for a French company Called Monteil Cosmetics, she worked for herself making personalized handcrafted/hand stamped sterling silver cuff bracelets.  This allowed her to be a stay at home mom for her two children.  She did this for 18 years prior to her youtube gig.

Anne-Marie tries hard to come up with original tips and give product suggestions that really work.  She loves everything beauty-related (hair, fashion, makeup, and especially skincare).

In the future, she would love to have her own beauty products or do a collaboration with a company to come out with a beauty product.

She is all about empowering other women to succeed.  She gave me wonderful compliments on my blog.

I am honored that she responded to my email, answered all my questions, and wished me well on my personal journey.

I encourage you to check her videos out. (especially derma rolling/stamping as it works!) She has 100,804 subscribers and climbing.