Caregiver Stress and Burnout

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Caregiver Stress

Caregiver stress sneaks up on you. I work fulltime and take care of my mom who has dementia. For many months I was either working or at home with my mom. Without even noticing months went by without doing anything outside the home except work. I felt like I was slowly sinking in quicksand with no end in sight. When I feel overwhelmed or am constantly worrying I cannot sleep. I eat the wrong food and quickly gain weight. I have put together a list of things that help me when I cannot venture too far from home.



Escape Reality

I have a few ideas for escaping your life when it is stressful. Try to take one day and not focus on the week, month or year. Talk to your friends and family about your feelings and try to get someone to relieve you for a few hours. If you cannot do that try for ten minutes.




My Facebook account is made up of friends, family, and many support groups. I use it to communicate and find inspiration.  I scroll on past political or hate posts.  There are a lot of good people out there who are on a journey just like you. You can offer support or seek support. If I can help someone else going through something similar it is so rewarding.



My Pinterest board is made up of boards that support my hobbies, dreams or info I want to refer back to. It is a way of escape for me. I love to look at products, home decor, vacation ideas, pets, recipes, fashion, hairstyles, jewelry or inspirational quotes.


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You can find info on absolutely any topic on  YouTube. The video I shard at the beginning of this post came from there.  I shared it because it is one of my favorites. Whether you are looking at DIY how-tos, inspiration, hobbies, being a first-time grandma, pets and I could go on and on.  There is endless info there and it is definitely a way to escape reality when you need a break.

Get Outside

Even if you cannot venture far from home getting outdoors always makes me feel better. I feed our birds and squirrels.  They count on me so I am committed to keeping the feeders full and ready for them. Get out there and take a deep breath. I love to plant flowers and vegetables.  Close your eyes and let the sun hit your face or feel the raindrops. Just breath!


Sun Valley, Idaho

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Finding a quiet place and writing down your thoughts will make you feel better.  It is also great for making a list of things you need to do.  As a caregiver, you are so busy taking care of your loved one that running out of toilet paper may not be thought of until you run out.



I love all types of music.  I can hear a song that will immediately take me to a different place and time. Dementia patients love it as well. Mom is 86 years old.  You can ask “Alexa” to play music from 1950.  I did that today and “Jailhouse Rock” started to play.  No one cannot stand still when that song is playing.


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I am a movie and series fan.  I love to watch on Amazon, NetFlix, or Hulu. This gives me a chance to spend time with my husband.  I am sorry to say he gets put on the back burner a lot these days. We have been married less than five years and I feel terrible that he and I do not get a lot of time together.  He understands and is definitely a trooper and a rock during this!



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Try New Recipes

I have cooked more lately than I ever have.  Whether I am making pinto beans and cornbread for mom or baking a keto pumpkin bread it is something I enjoy.  This is a good time to use my Echo Dot and turn on a Podcast or Audible.




Taking care of our dog and cat certainly keeps me going.  They count on me to keep their food and water bowls full.

Kitty shows up at our house

PIN IT! Taking care of a Feral Cat






There is nothing like a good cup of coffee to get me through the day.  I add cinnamon, flavored syrup, and creamer.





Bubble Baths




The bathroom is the only place I can escape. The problem is we only have one in our home. I love adding lavender, bath salts, candles, and a good podcast or Ted Talk.

PIN IT!Family and Friends

I am a new “Gammy” to a 3-month-old granddaughter.  It is a therapy for me to spend time with her. I try to see her as much as I can.  It is great for my mom as well. Texting with a friend who always makes you laugh is time well spent.  I have a few of those that I count on to cheer me up.



First Time Grandma

PIN IT! Pippa, my granddaughter



This is one thing I do not get to do enough of.  I love the beach, Yellowstone, Vegas, San Francisco, and many more places. To get away from it all for a week would be ideal.  I took up fishing a few years ago and it is so relaxing. I love road trips with the windows down and music playing.





Find a hobby or take a course.  Udemy offers all kinds of classes you can take from home. A year ago I decided I wanted to blog and learn about affiliate marketing. Udemy offers a lot of courses and the prices are incredible. I have learned so much about marketing, DIY crafts, and caregiving.
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Getting enough sleep is very important so try to do that. Keep up with your doctor’s appointments, try to sneak some walks in, and eat as healthy as you can.  I am on the keto lifestyle and when I get stressed it is so easy to eat or drink something that I know is not good for me.  Reach out for help when you need to.  I know it is not easy to admit you need help but in the long run, it benefits everyone. Check out your local resources, groups on Facebook, and connect with others.