Hollow Eyes

My Journey with Hollow Eyes A few years ago my mom started telling me I looked tired and needed to get more sleep.  To this day it does not matter how much sleep I get I still look tired. I am now at a point where I have to accept that this is due to aging. There are no Miracle Products for Hollow Eyes It saddens me to say there are no miracle products or quick fixes.  Everyone has different skin[...]

Lipstick that Stays on After Eating

Lipstick that Stays on After Eating, Drinking or Kissing I love a lipstick that stays on after eating, drinking or kissing. These days I think it is easier to find some great choices.     Lipstick not Left  on my  Coffee Cup I go for the pinks and reds so it can leave an embarrassing mess on my coffee cup.   It can get all over your teeth and all over your face. These recommendat[...]

Environmentally Friendly Company

Eco-Friendly Beauty Products In 2012 Ethique started making formulas in their kitchen in Christchurch, New Zealand.  They started because they felt hair and skin care needed concentrated and sustainable products without the packaging. Bars-No Bottles Bars, no bottles, no harsh chemicals. Each bar is packed full of good things that will bring out the best in your skin and hair. They last for ages. [...]

Self Tan Tips

Self Tan Tips I have found a self-tanner that I love. Being a teenager in the 70s meant there were just a few self-tanners to choose from and they were not pretty. We are so lucky to have some great options. Prep your Skin The first thing I do is the night before I want to apply the tanner I exfoliate my skin. The next day I apply a moisturizer that is not too oily to elbows, hands, knees and feet.[...]

How To Give Hair Volume

Flat Fizzy Fine Hair I am not sure how it happened or what took me so long to notice. Life got busy.  When did I get too busy to care about how I looked? I colored my hair at home, went to bed with it wet, got up in the morning, ran a curling iron thru it and I was out the door to work. Even my mom was telling me my hair was dry and needed conditioner. So I decided I needed to do something. &nb[...]

Does Sleeping on Your Back Prevent Wrinkles?

. Beauty Benefits of Sleeping on your Back Helps prevent cleavage wrinkles on the chest and sleep-lines on the face and relieves pressure on existing wrinkles. Beauty products have a chance to penetrate the skin and deliver maximum results without rubbing off on the pillow. Prevents oils and dirt from your hair and scalp from coming in contact with your facial skin, clogging pores and caus[...]

Rose Quartz Benefits

Rose Quartz Benefits I have been hearing a lot about rose quartz and the benefits. The jade roller has been a product I have used for the last six months. After doing a little research here is what I found out about the rose quartz benefits.   Benefits of using a Rose Quartz Roller: Reduce Inflammation Depuffs the Skin Brighten Complexion Tighten Pores Reduce Wrinkles Feel[...]

FDA Approved for Hair Loss-Minoxidil Rogaine

Hair Loss in Men and Women I have a dear friend who is losing her hair.  Typically, you see it in men but some women experience hair loss as well.  It can be devastating for either. I do not recall a time when my dear daddy did not have a sweep over.  We never discussed it but I guess he could not deal with a completely bald head. Men's Hair Loss Causes The most common cause of hair loss in me[...]

Amazonian Clay Benefits for your Skin

What are the benefits of using skin care with Amazonian Clay? I received a sample size of a foundation that listed one of its ingredients as Amazonian Clay.  I had never heard of it and started researching on Google. I found several articles that talked about the benefits it provides for your skin. Benefits of Amazonian Clay: Reduces dryness Removes oilness Improves clarity and texture Inc[...]

Detox Skin by Dry Brushing and other benefits of Dry Brushing your Skin

Dry brushing your skin to detox, exfoliate, increase blood circulation and more. I read an article today and watched some videos on dry brushing your skin.  Our skin is our largest organ. Pollutants, dirt from the environment can affect our complexion and pores. A detoxification routine can help with acne, redness and dull appearance. Dry brushing reduces cellulite and improves muscle tone,[...]