Making time for your family

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There is nothing that makes my mom more happy than me taking a weekday off.  She loves for us to go somewhere or for me to just be home with her. I took one of those days on Friday.  It started out great with breakfast at Cracker Barrell. We were chatting.  I took a photo of her smiling.  While eating she got a little chocked.  She got embarrassed.  She was worried that I was embarrassed.  I was scared.  She was talking and coughing which were both good signs.  She ended being ok and we did a little shopping.


The medication she takes for leukemia has a long list of common side effects (Imbruvica).  I think she has had everyone of them.  Dealing with an ageing parent is all new territory for me. She is changing a bit everyday.  I have to keep reminding myself to be very patient.  I want to make her life as easy and as wonderful as possible.  I do not want her to see me get frustrated or impatient.  This takes a lot of prayer and mentally talking to myself.

As I write this I hear her in the kitchen whistling.  She wakes up so happy.  She makes her bed every single day.  How did she have a daughter who needs two cups of coffee each morning before I can make complete sentence, who seldom makes her bed and never seems to have the time to stop and smell the roses so to speak?  There are many things we do have in common.  We share love for lipstick/makeup, flowers, Christmas, snow, the cat, predictable Lifetime/Hallmark movies, fall leaves, coffee, sitting outside, reality shows, the beach, shopping, food, laughing and on and on.

I am blessed.