Mirenesse-Collagen, Wrinkle Repair, Peptides, Airbrush Flawless Skin

Collagen Cushion Foundation Compact Airbrush Liquid Powder-

Recently I found a Youtube video that blew me away.  The model was a bit older.  I will not say mature because I absolutely hate that term. The video is below “Check it out here”

Check it out here. 

I researched these products.  It is a leading Makeup and Skincare Brand in Australia. The website is beautiful. I loved that they used a model closer to my age with some of the same skincare concerns I have.

You can order from the website and get free shipping with a $49 order but it can take 7-35 days to get here, depending on your location.

As I was reading all the info I found they have some products on Amazon.

I cannot wait to try the foundation. See info here 

Let me know what you think of the video. It inspired and energized me!