Myrtle Beach Fan

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My parents took my brother and me on two vacations.  We went to Nashville, TN (Grand Ole Opry) and Daytona Beach February 1972 (Daytona 500) I need to explain our sad faces in photo number 1.  The vacation was a surprise destination so when we started out daddy did not reveal where we were going.  My brother and I hoped it was the beach as we had never been. Guess what?  It wasn’t!  

They thought to spend money on vacations was a waste of money so needless to say after the Daytona trip I do not recall another one with my parents.

After daddy died momma wanted to go to Myrtle Beach. She had never seen the ocean.  She loves it! She wants to go all the time and I wish I could take her more. It is definitely her happy place.