No Cats allowed?

My daddy never liked cats.  He made this well known to us.  I never thought about it at the time but I think it was mostly due to the fact that daddy loved his vehicles and the neighbor’s cat like to walk all over his freshly applied wax job. My mom was a wife who agreed and quoted most of the opinions my daddy had.

Not too long after daddy passed away a cat showed up at our house.  He was living under our deck.  He was as scared of me as I was of him.  I am not sure I had ever petted a cat prior to 2013. My husband coaxed him out one day.  He pushed him towards me and I  held him for a few seconds before he scratched me and ran away.  It took months until he would come out to see us and actually trust that we would not hurt him.

I grew to love him.  He was feral and had the clipped ear which meant he had been fixed, given shots and released.(I had to google this)  Kitty decided to visit the front porch one day.  My mom saw him.   I was fairly confident she would not like him. She seemed to want to get to know him.

My husband said, “that cat is going to end up in the house”.  I said “no way!” It was not too long until he made his way in the house and mom was feeding him.  My husband said “that cat is going to be sleeping with your mom” and I said “no way!” My husband was right.  Mom loves the cat she calls “Kitty Boo”.  He is so much company for her.  She thinks about him all the time.  My son took care of Kitty Boo when we took her to the beach last year and she could not stop thinking about him. She got a little homesick.  She talks to him and it is the sweetest thing ever.  I think he is talking back to her as well.

Kitty Boo was heaven sent.  We all love him very much!