Best Gift Idea for Her or Him

Amazon Prime Membership

You can gift them a year or a 3-month membership. This is the best gift idea I can think of for someone who does not have Amazon Prime.  The perks are endless and it saves time and money. Please read below and find out why I chose this gift.




Best Gift Idea for Her or Him

Recently I was in a dilemma over what to get for two expecting parents who are very special to me. I used myself as an example and thought about what meant the most to me as a new parent on a fixed income. I thought about all the diapers, formula, clothes and money that I needed and Amazon popped in my head.


There was no Amazon in 1987 when I was a new mom on that fixed income. That meant there were no price comparison offers or baby registry like there is now. As a full time working mom that would have saved me so much time and money.

Amazon Prime

Fast Forward to 2019 and I use Amazon every week to get products, rent movies, and read magazines. I love everything Amazon.

Best Gift Idea

The couple I wanted to buy the gift for could not afford the Amazon Prime feature.  They were customers but not prime members. I bought them an Amazon Prime membership for one year.  There was also an option for 3 months membership. This will allow them to do a baby registry, save money on diapers, baby products, and get the free two-day delivery. If they have the time they can rent movies, read books or listen to music.

Best Gift Idea For Wedding or Graduation

Amazon Prime would be a great gift for anyone who does not have the prime membership. There is a wedding registry option and a huge student discount for a prime discount.


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