Reliance, Tennessee Weekend Getaway Fishing on Hiwassee River

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Reliance, Tennessee

This past weekend my husband and I were invited to Reliance, Tennessee. Our friends rented a gorgeous cabin. This was for a 60th surprise birthday party for my husband’s best friend Jeff. We were so excited for a little rest and relaxation. The guys were going to fish. The ladies were going to explore.

No Cell Service

The cabin had no cell service and no Wifi. We were unplugged and off the grid unless you drove 5 miles down the road. I cannot say I missed it but I did stay in contact with my brother who was keeping an eye on my mom and dog for us.

Weekend Getaway

It was so nice to get away from work for a day.  The cabin had a beautiful wrap around porch with a stream running the entire length.  I could not wait to take my morning cup of coffee and sit in one of the rocking chairs. It was so peaceful and offered a place to clear my mind and think.


Hiwassee River

Our friend Anita wanted to surprise her husband for his 60th birthday. She researched places to fish and the search went on for a while. She was able to find a perfect spot to fish for Rainbow and Brown Trout.  The constant water temperatures provide year-round fishing.  The fishing license is $40.00 for 3 days of fishing.

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Off the Grid

It was nice to be unplugged and off the grid even if it was only for two days. I find that you communicate a lot more and enjoy each other’s company.  Life is so busy and we have so many responsibilities. When life gets quite I can focus, destress and regroup on what is really important.


I am so lucky to have such great friends. The family that invited us to Reliance, Tennessee is such a precious family! I am a better person just by being in their presence.  They are a family of four. They have one daughter in high school and one that is a freshman at Auburn. Their marriage is focused on family, friends, and Church.



Hiwassee RiverPIN IT!

Hiwassee River

Fishing and Hiking

The guys have been friends for 40 years.  They share a love for fishing and hiking. They do not get together often but when they do it is like they have never been apart.  I love to listen to them reminisce.