Spa Day At Home

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How to Have a Relaxing Spa Day at Home


I love to start with a bath and add Himalayan Sea Salt, coconut oil, bath bombs or whatever I have on hand. Soaking in a tub allows me the time to think, zone out, listen to an audiobook, podcast or music. Add a favorite scented candle, sip on green tea or your favorite beverage. Dry brushing prior to my bath is something I do if I have plenty of time if not then I exfoliate in the tub.  This is a great time to shampoo, condition and then add a deep conditioner as a final step for dry hair.



Face Mask

I like to do a mask a couple of times per week and I have many different types.  Brightening mask, Collagen mask, Vitamin C mask or whip up your own. I leave that on for as long as I am in the tub. Collagen is my favorite and this comes in a lip mask as well. There is a chemical peel I do once a month that I will list below called Perfect Image.   It works great but it is more intense and needs to be left on for a shorter amount of time.


Pat Dry and Never Skip the Moisturizer

Patting my skin dry allows my skin to retain more of the moisturizer I am going to apply. I apply body oil or lotion and I would like to say I practice this every day but I do not. I get in a hurry and this step is left out.



I am not going to lie I am not great at this and I wish I was. In the summer I love to wear sandals so I will polish my nails and hope no one looks really close.  From a distance, they look great. During this step, I put a neck wrap in the microwave and warm it up. It has a lavender scent so it is heavenly. This little step makes me feel so relaxed and happy.  Sounds really silly, doesn’t it?

It would be an extra bonus to finish your spa time with something you love to do. Watch a movie or series, read, paint, listen to music and just continue the self-love. My life is busy with work and family.  I need all the patience in the world at this time of my life. My mom has leukemia and vascular dementia. I want to give her the love and respect she deserves.