Udemy Free Courses

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Udemy Free Courses

One year ago I needed to learn excel due to a task I was given at work.  I was watching youtube videos and one of them mentioned “Udemy”. This was not a company I was familiar with at all so I started researching.  I signed up for a login and discovered so many classes and topics to choose from.


The categories are too many to list but I will list a few:   Business, IT, Marketing, Design, Photography, Music and Personal Development.  There are many more that you can check out on their website and view for yourself. I was interested in Business and to my surprise, they had free choices. I mastered excel and kept going with some of the other categories. The rest of the courses I decided upon were not free but very inexpensive. In most cases $9.99.

Affiliate Marketing

I have been in medical billing for well over 20 years but when I heard about affiliate marketing it sounded so interesting and fun.  Being in my mid-50s I was not technically savvy as I would like to be so I signed up for Social Media Marketing and I loved it. This is a side gig that I am developing in addition to my full-time career.


WordPress Amazon Affiliate

I decided I wanted to have a website and learn how to blog.    I took a course on Virtual Assistant, Pinterest Marketing, Blogging masterclass, Digital Marketing, WordPress Amazon Affiliate course and Content hacks for busy entrepreneurs.  I knew nothing about any of this and I work full time so I had to do this on the weekends or at night. I now have my own website and am an affiliate marketer for several companies. I have a lot to learn but I am loving it.



Etsy Bootcamp 2019 SEO The Complete Guide to Selling on Etsy



Etsy is one of the easiest ways to sell your products or promote someone else’s. In this course you will learn SEO, CPC and email marketing. You will have access to the best sellers, crafters, artists, and makers to ever sell on Etsy.


In January of 2019, my mom developed dementia and I did not understand what I should be saying and doing for her. I took a course  “At Home with Dementia” I learned a lot from it.   It turns out I was not communicating with her as I should be.  I took another course  “Women Helping Women to Succeed”. As you can see life is never-ending I have to keep learning to grow personally and professionally.


Udemy Info:

It was founded in 2010 and is an online learning platform.  Udemy uses content from online content creators to sell for profit.  I do not think I have paid more than $15.00 for any course I have taken and there are so many that are free.  They are not currently credentialed for college credit but that meant nothing to me.  Some courses generate credit for technical certification.  I encourage you to check them out and am so glad that I found them.  You can actually preview a course before paying

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The longer you wait to start, the longer it’ll take to happen.  Make your goals a priority and enroll in a course for as little as $9.99.

With thousands of courses across hundreds of topics, Udemy can help you learn the life you want.  Enroll today.

If you are interested in affiliate Marketing check the below link out as well. Income school has a lot of videos you can check out on youtube.  They are so informative.
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