Wedding Hair

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Wedding Hair

In 2015 I was planning my wedding.  It was going to be in Vegas and we had some amazing friends that were going to attend. I had no issue finding a dress but had no idea what to do with my long hair.

Half UpDo

This is my second marriage and I am in my 50s.  I did not look good with all my hair pulled back and in a bun but on the right person that is so elegant.  With inspiration from bridal magazines, I discovered hair vines and thought it would be the perfect accessory to add to a half updo. That gave me the option of having my hair down which I loved.

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Make your Own

You could make your own if you are crafty.  There are youtube videos and how to info on making vines.   You could make it with pearls, beads or rhinestones that come from your loved one’s jewelry and add in the “something blue”.   It would make it a sentimental piece that would mean so much to you.  The beads, pearls, rhinestones are threaded on flexible wiring so this makes it bendable and easy to weave in your hair.