What Causes Back Fat and How to Hide It

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What Causes Back Fat

Take a look at your activity level.  I work a full-time job where I sit for 40 hours per week and have done this for 29 years.


Processed foods with additives and preservatives, fast-food, and junk food are high in fat, sugar, and calories.  This can lead to back fat. I am 58 years, postmenopausal, dealing with some stressful days and I love carbs. Most recently I have developed low carb habits and am doing well with that but the fat is still noticeable in some of my favorite blouses and dresses. I also have the menopausal muffin top. With lower estrogen levels and less physical activity, my weight loss has slowed and I have more fat.

Low Carb Ideas for Snacks

Can you get rid of back fat?

Exercise can not help you lose weight in one area but walking is a great beginning. Walking just 30 minutes per day can increase cardiovascular fitness, strengthen bones, reduce body fat and boost endurance.   I have read some reviews on cool sculpting and it sounds great.  I would love to try it.



Best Shapewear

I have turned to shapewear and surprisingly there are a lot of options that actually work without suffocating you.  Some items are more expensive than other so I decided I would share some items I have found. First of all, I cannot stand uncomfortable options. I have had a few one-piece bodysuits that give me panic attacks when I try to put them on or take them off.  Do you know what I am talking about? I tried a bathing suit on at TJ Maxx and almost tore the dressing room down just trying to get it off.


I really hate back Fat

Nothing ruins my self-esteem more than turning in the mirror to see fat pockets. I find that since I have this issue I need to size up on my tops.