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January 2019

Working on making your dreams come true

A dear friend of mine called me last night.  It is one of those friends that you click with immediately.  You spend years together and become family.  We worked together for many years. We became sisters. We knew each other's secrets and took them to the vault. (and by the way, those kind of friends are few and far between) We vowed we would stay connected after our jobs were outsourced but years we[...]

Echo dot is one of my favorite amazon products

I have a total of 3 echo dots. They do so many things such as play my amazon  music, ted talks, trivia pursuit, read my kindle books, order products for me but my favorite thing is we use them as a intercom system.  My 85 year old mom is very hear of hearing. We have a two story house. By  scattering these throughout our house they become a intercom system.Echo Dot 3rd Generation[...]

Mom’s 85th Birthday Surprise

My brother, my sister in law, myself and my husband planned a surprise 85th birthday party for mom. It was in October 2018.  I cannot believe it but we actually pulled it off. She has 3 brothers and 2 of them made the trip to Asheville, NC. We rented a shed at Lake Julian.  We had family, friends and some bluegrass music.  I am so blessed to have her in my life. I cannot think of a life without her.[...]