Farmhouse Style Home Decor

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Farmhouse Style Home Decor

While browsing on Youtube I found a channel that I absolutely love! I love to watch someone take what one might think is trash and make it into something beautiful.  Mary can tackle any project and knows how to use power tools. She inspires me every single time I watch her work.





What is a Farmhouse Style?


Farmhouse style to me means comfortable, cozy, and takes me back to a time when decor was simple. My grandma had a place like what I picture but without modern-day plumbing. Dear Grandma had an outhouse that I was not comfortable with.  I spent many summers with her as a child and the outhouse is not a favorite memory. There was a woodstove, smells of delicious foods, a garden, flowers, canning and cats. The smells were amazing.


The White Cottage Co.

There are some beautiful Farmhouse pieces in Mary Yoder’s store on Etsy.  I have bought a few things from her and am a true fan. Her prices are so reasonable.


Mary’s Store The White Cottage Co.(click here)


Harbor Gray Wall Clock, Available in 8 Sizes, Most Sizes Ship 2-3 Days, Whisper Quiet.

LIFETIME  WARRANTY.  We will replace your mechanism (not the entire clock) for as long as you own it. Mechanisms are tested before mailing, however, if it is damaged in shipping we will mail you a replacement. Some assembly is required to replace the mechanism. Our contact info is on clock back. (The warranty is through us not Amazon).
SILENT QUARTZ MECHANISMS! Our clocks are very quiet. No annoying ticking!! Our clocks sit flat against the wall and do not wobble. The mechanisms are as recessed as possible, which makes for a nicely finished product.
HANDMADE IN AMERICA BEAUTIFUL **PRINTED** FACE ON SOLID PIECE of 1/2" MDF WOOD PRODUCT. The face is NOT a sticker. It is printed directly on the wood. Our clocks feel solid because of the thicker mdf wood. Our edges are nicely rounded. It takes us just a few days to make your clock. We are usually much faster than is listed.

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Price: $74.00

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What do I like about Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse Style is clean and light.  It is cheerful and homey.

Farmhouse Decor

PIN IT! Farmhouse Style (click here to go to her Etsy Shop)