My Love For Travel

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My Love for Travel

In 2007 I was in the middle of a divorce after being married for 26 years. It was a very dark and difficult part of my life.  I was 46 years old and had married a guy I had dated since I was 16 years old.

Myrtle Beach Trip

A good friend invited me to go to the beach with her family.  I was overjoyed and accepted. It was so good to be with her and her children.  It definitely took my mind off things.  A few days into the trip her stepbrother flew in from Utah.  I had met him very briefly in 2006 but had not had a conversation with him.


New Friend

He was interesting, funny and very handsome. We talked and walked on the beach.  He was divorced and shared his story. When the vacation was over he went back to Utah and I came back home to NC. We developed a friendship and talked on the phone almost every night.


Boarding a Plane for the First Time

By the fall of 2007, he had talked me into flying to SLC and driving to Yellowstone. I had never been on a plane before and  traveled alone from NC to Atlanta and then on to SLC. Atlanta airport was a little scary and challenging but I was able to get to my connection in good time.  I landed and we drove to Jackson, Wyoming.  The next morning we drove to West Yellowstone.


West Yellowstone

The trip was incredible.  He had been to Yellowstone so often that he was a perfect tour guide. I want to write a blog on just how beautiful Yellowstone is. I definitely was inspired to see places that I had only read about.  My vacation


Back To NC

I flew back to NC realizing that I loved to travel and I wanted to see as many places as I possibly could. I and my new friend continued to talk every night.   It was not long until I was back on a Delta plane again.

Stay tuned for more stories on the beautiful places I have been lucky to visit.