The Long Goodbye -Kara Tippetts Story -Review

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The Long Goodbye -Kara Tippetts Story

As a Netflix subscriber, I routinely check for new additions.  I kept looking at one story that was listed as a Documentary. The title and photo on the cover was a clue that it would be a hard show to watch.   I passed it by a few times but last night I selected it and watched.

Terminal Breast Cancer

Kara was a young wife and mother who shared her three-year journey with terminal breast cancer.  She had four beautiful children, a wonderful husband, family and friends who supported her through her three year battle.

Mundane Faithfulness

Kara started a mommy blog called Mundane Faithfulness in 2012. It was going to be a place where she could share mommy tip and stories about her life as a mom. Shortly after she began her blog she was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer so the blog became a place to share her life, faith and walk with Jesus.

Dying with Grace and Humor

It did not take long for me to realize that Kara was special!    She had so many friends who described her in the documentary. One thing that stuck with me was they all thought they were her best friend.  That is incredible!

Faith in God

Her faith in God was beautiful. Her emotions were so real.  It is hard to watch but at the same time, it is so beautiful. I cried  but I could not turn away. I did not want to turn away.  I felt connected to her and wanted to know more.

My Honest Review

You need to see this. Her journey is one of strength, love, courage and brutal honesty. The documentary introduces you to her four beautiful children, her husband, her extended family, and friends. I know this story will stay with me forever. I wish I could have met her but I honestly feel like I did. She fought hard for three years and passed away at age 38 in 2015.

Mundane Faithfulness (Click here for additional info on her life)



Ellie Holcomb sang in this song in the Documentary.  What a beautiful song and message. She was new to me but I am now a fan.