Destin, Florida Beach

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Destin, Florida Beach

I have heard about the emerald water and white sand that Destin has to offer for many years. We usually head to Myrtle Beach as we live in North Carolina and it is a shorter drive.

My Beach Bunny

My momma and daddy had never been much on vacations.  They felt it was a waste of money and they usually spent extra money only on cars or improvements around the house.

My Daddy

In 2010 my daddy passed away.  He had been a skilled nursing facility for two years due to a crazy fall he had in his garden.  That fall broke his neck and he became paralyzed from his neck down.

My Momma

My momma had stayed with my daddy every day during the two years he was in the nursing facility. When he passed she was worn out. Me, my son and my daughter-in-law decided to take her to Myrtle Beach. We rented chairs with an umbrella and hung out on the beach watching people and talking. It was not a long stay just a few days.  She loved it there.  It became somewhat of a tradition to take her every year after that.

Health Issues

I cannot recall the exact date when momma was diagnosed with leukemia but it was around 2014.  She became tired and her abnormal lab work lead to the diagnosis of leukemia.  It was a scary diagnosis and one we did not expect.  They decided due to her age they were going to try a pill that she would take each day.  In a few months, the pill seemed to work and she was still tired but her lab work improved. She became a bit forgetful and my brother and I decided to get her official tested in February 2019 to get her tested.  She was diagnosed with Vascular dementia. My husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer around the same time and was laid off of his job.


In May I decided that we all needed a vacation.  It was bad timing for a trip and I should not even consider it but I did it anyway.

Could momma make the longer drive to Destin or should we go to Myrtle?  I kept thinking this was the perfect time for all three of us to see the emerald water and white sand.  We did not have to tackle the entire drive in one day so we stopped in Atlanta, Ga on the first day and took her to my favorite place to eat seafood, Pappadeaux. If you have not eaten there then you must!  Check out the oysters.




My Crawfish

Atlanta to Destin

We got up the next morning and drove to Destin.


This is the photo I sent out to the family to let them know we made it. It was just as gorgeous as we had heard.


Our rental came with two chairs and an umbrella.









My review of Destin

Destin was beautiful.  It was just what we all needed to relax and spend quality time together.  I hope we get to go back again.

Below is the rental thru VRBO.  The owner was amazing and the place was spotless.



VRBO-click here








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