City on a Hill Showtime

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City on a Hill 

I am always looking for a good series I can dig my teeth into.  While at the movies yesterday I saw one advertised before the movie started. It stars Kevin Bacon whom I love.


Luckily I have showtime as that is where you will find these series.  I will link a way to get it free for 7 days if you do not have it. I have seen the first episode and it is going to be a great series with great acting.

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This is a Crime, Drama, Thriller.

It is set in the 1990s in Boston. The first episode introduces a lot of characters with a lot going on.  Without giving anything away by the end of the first show we have an assistant district attorney and a corrupt FBI veteran working together to take on a case that will involve the entire criminal justice system of Boston.



There are 7 episodes.  It is based on an original idea by Ben Affleck and Chuck MacLean.